Are you Arab? Woman? Single? 

The three ingredients needed to make your life...quite special. 

1. You always feeling like an item up for auction

If you feel like a lamb up for auction, you're not that far off. Just wait till you get that 3arees your parents have been waiting for. 

They will slaughter two lambs for you when that happens. 

2. You need to put on some psychological armor before weddings ... because 3a2belik

It's not official till you've been told "3a2belik" a thousand and one times during some matrimonial ceremony. 

It's as if people just want to keep reminding you just how single you really are. 

3. Even if marriage is not on your mind, it's on your mind

Somehow the idea of marriage is always on your mind, even when it's really the least of your concerns. 

It's just programmed to be. It's in your genes. 

4. Your "Arab husband checklist" is pre-destined

The longer you go alone, the more picky you become. And it's because people keep pushing different ideas into your mind, over months and years. 

You eventually learned to filter those voices out. 

5. Somehow marriage is your path to liberation

6. Bride-hunting mamas are out to get you

7. A western passport makes you even more attractive

If you have an American passport, you've most definitely experienced a bit of this. 

A family friend's friend found out that you have an American passport while you're on vacation in your home country ... w yalla he suddenly wants to "get to know you." 

Yeah, sure.

8. Dealing with the looks you get

The looks on people's face when you tell them you're single. They start asking you questions like "why" and you just stare back not knowing how/what to answer ... because you really have no reason. 

Piece of advice: Always blame it on "naseeb"