It's delicious, yummy and can be both sweet and bitter: Mango fruit may not liked by everyone but there are still ways to use mangos that are completely delicious and beneficial to the human body.

1. Great natural skin cleanser

Skip the chemical-filled skin cleansers and go for mango pulp instead. Grab a small bowl, add a teaspoon of wheat flour, add a spoon of pulp and mix thoroughly. This mixture will reach your pores and clean your skin from deep within.

2. Face wash and skin exfoliate

Mix a teaspoon of mango pulp and powdered almond. Proceed to add a tablespoon of milk and grind thoroughly till it becomes pastelike. Apply it to your face and rinse in 20 minutes.

To exfoliate, blend 1/4th of a peeled mango, 2 spoons of whole milk, powdered almonds and crushed oats. Apply to your body and rinse in 20 minutes.

3. The mango margarita

About to have a house party but bored with all the regular cocktails and worn-out drinks? No problem! Try an easy mango margarita, an effortlessly delicious cool drink to keep you partying during the hot summer nights. First, add some Bacardi rum and diced mangoes to a blender. Add ice cubes and blend further more for 45 to 60 seconds. For garnish, or a little extra sizzle, add mango slices or lime.

4. Mango-infused Vodka

To make mango-infused vodka, all you'll need will be ripe mangoes, vodka and well, that's pretty much it. First, we need to make the mango juice be more of a syrup, puree the mango, add a bit of water and a bit of sugar, simmer until the sugar is completely dissolved.

Slice the remaining mangoes and squeeze all the pulp out of the seed, once the mangos are in the bottle, add the syrup followed by the vodka.To have the best taste of the mango-infused vodka, leave the bottle in a cool place for at least a week. But, make sure to shake the bottle once a day.

5. Digestive aid

I am not saying that you should use mango peel as medical aid. However, in some cultures, like India, mango peels are used to help pain caused by inflamed stomachs. The mango peel is mashed and boiled with a variety of oil extracts and then consumed.

6. Hair health

The oil in mango seeds is a very good source of essential fatty acids, minerals and vitamins needed for healthy hair. To have better, shinier and stronger hair, remove the outer coat of the mango seed and mix it with coconut or olive oil. Pour the mixture into a jar and leave it in direct sunlight for a week.

Use as conditioner and rinse off in 20 minutes.

7. Chapped lips

To enhance skins sells, moisturize and get rid of dead skin cells on your lips, use mango seed butter as a natural lip balm to hydrate dry lips.

8. Acne removal

We all remember or still have to deal with those ugly zits that magically pop up out of nowhere. To get rid of acne, boil mangoes in hot water, without removing the peel, for up to an hour. After it cools off, use the solution on your face and rinse of with water after 20 minutes.