Meeting with your family happens ever so often that you really do know what to expect. It's always the same questions just different people. Sometimes. Sometimes, it's the same people. Regardless, I bet you've had to deal with these 8 things at your last family gathering and will probably be dealing with them in the next:

1.Getting all confused on whether to call someone 3amo/5alto or by their first name when meeting them for the first time

2. Then the awkward moment when you don't know how many kisses to lean in for

3. Getting a "so close" kiss on the lips by an old lady


4. Getting asked about your love life, as if they don't already know


5. Or career


6. Getting forced to dance...


6. Getting told "you've grown up" by someone you haven't seen in a year ... well duh


7. And getting teased about your ripped jeans or wardrobe in general


8. Of course, spending half of your time at the door when leaving