If you grew up in the Gulf during the 90's, this post is going to be a major flashback to a time when life was all about making beautiful memories, ones that we all still cherish.

Ready to take a trip down memory lane?

From ra3i el bared to the beautiful "barr" (desert) road-trips, here are a few things we'll always remember.

1. Thursday was our favorite day of the week

During the 90's, Thursday was the best day of our week because we had it all to ourselves, no early mornings and no school.

 That's why we called it el 5amees el wanees! 

2. Trips to the chalet were the highlight of our week

 Who could ever forget weekends at the chalet?  

3. Weekend picnics always featured this

The portable cooler of ayyam el taybeen is forever an icon.  

4. We loved spending time at The Nadi/Resort

Messila Beach/Resort - Kuwait Source: www.zafafi.com

Long before gyms and training studios became a thing, El Nadi or the sports club/resort was all we had.

It was a spa/beach/social space and playground all in one.  

5. We always stayed indoors during summer because ... well:

The 7ar (heat) was enough to give us a stroke! 

6. We always got our icecream from ra3i el bared

The iconic ra3i el bared (ice cream vendor) will always be cherished, especially in Kuwait.

7. We collected turtle ninjas and ate at hungry bunny

Memories, memories.

8. Our families did this every time we went on road-trips to "el barr"

"We forgot the lighter at home."  

Because a road-trip to the desert area was never complete without our whole family coming along and packing everything they own into the car.