Lebanese mothers can sometimes be a handful, but truth be told it's their quirks that make them as lovable as they are. 

They can be a little over the top sometimes though... How so? Allow us to demonstrate. 

1. "Are you home?" she asks ... when you pick up the house phone

... Or when she answers knowing that you are calling from home. Your mom is definitely one of the brightest people out there, no doubt about that, but she tends to have those moments when there's, well, let's call it a "glitch in the system." 

2. "Chou habibi jit?"

As soon as you enter the house and greet your mom, she always asks you: "shu habibi, jit/jitteh?" 

-"No mom, I’m still there!! Enno eh jit!"

3. "Eza bterja3 3al bet bala el Tupperware, bet dall barra!!"

So our mothers have the biggest collection of Tupperwares ever. Just don't ever forget yours at work! You'll never hear the end of it! Worse, she won't pack you any lunch for the next day! 

4. "Ma testa3mel whatsapp while driving!" she says while still sending you voice notes

The voice notes includes questions: "Wsolot? Fi 3aj2a? Ntebeh! Hkine bas tousal” and if you don’t reply, she freaks out and starts calling!! 

Mom, decide, do you want me to answer or not?!?!? I promise that I’ll text you as soon as I reach my destination, everything will be alright…  

5. "Ana la min t3ebet kel hal layale?"

*Tears start falling* 

"Boukra bas fell bta3rfo imte!!" 

*the next day* 

"Yih, mom, you’re still here!" 

*mom gets angry, but she still loves you*

6. "Eza emet w l2ita??" when you complain about losing something

Whenever you lose something, the first person to go to is almost always your mom. 

“Mom I can’t find my shirt, I’ve looked everywhere!!” 

In less than a minute be sure that she will put you to shame with her skills. 

7. "Eehh hayda la2anno thammamet w daharet!!”

If you come back after an outing feeling sick and you tell your mom that something is causing some type of pain, she'll always blame it on you going out right after a shower.

8. "Law ken 3andkoun emm ghayre, chou kento 3melto?"

Her usual response when she lets you get your way. It always comes with a side of guilt!