For some time now, contact lenses have become a great alternative to wearing eyeglasses for people across the region. 

However, if you happen to wear them long term, you know that as handy as they are, they can also land you in a few unique situations at times. 

Here are a few you'll certainly relate to if you're an Arab lens wearer:

1. When your parents say "la tet3abeen 3yoonich" just 10 mins after you wear your lenses

2. When a dust storm hits and sand gets in your lenses

3. When older members of your family just don't get colored lenses

Them: What's wrong with your natural eye color

You: Ugh.  

4. When you avoid your mom's bukhoor because...

Walking straight into fragrant incense might lead to eye-watering and you'd much rather bukhoor yourself up before you put lenses on. 

5. When your parents ask if you washed your hands every time you put on your lenses

Every single time.

6. When you're at an Arab wedding and flowers get thrown in your face

Not so much fun when something hits one of those lenses so when you see them coming... run.

7. When you google things like this...

"Can I sleep wearing my contact lenses?"

8. When your mom sends you false contact lens rumors on WhatsApp...

"Mistakes you often make while using contact lenses can damage your eyes."

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