Let's clear some things up, the Arab world has some of the most delicious yet fattening food. Is that wrong? Is it a sin to want to eat and discover new flavors?

As soon as an Arab woman gains a little weight though, the side comments and weight remarks come rolling in... 

Here's a few things most Arab women hear when they put on a few kilos:

1. "You should diet, you should eat" dilemma

2. "Look at you, you've gained so much weight"

3. "Daroure ta3emle sport!"

"You REALLY need to get some exercise done!"

4. "Haram ta3mle hek bi halik!"

"It's so sad what you're doing to yourself!"

5. "Lezim tsakre temmik 3an el akel"

"You should stop eating so much."

6. "I know this dietitian..."

7. Conversations shift from "Hi, how are you?" to "you need to lose some weight"

8. "3amalte fahes 3and el doctor? Barke 3andik el ghidde?"

"Did you visit a doctor? What if you have a problem with your glands?"