The Arab world's fashion industry is blossoming and there's no denying it. Our designers have been stealing spotlights as they dress Hollywood celebrities for some of the hottest red carpet events in the world. 

The TRESEmme fashion show last week in Jordan is one of those rare events that showcases world-class talent to a regional audience. 

And speaking of audiences ... you probably ran into one of these 8 people at an Arab fashion show. 

1. The fashion blogger

This kind of person is right in their element and if you observe closely, you can see them mingling with others of their kind, snapping photos of their glamorous-on trend #OOTD. 

2. The selfie queen

This person can be seen holding her phone and power bank (because running low on battery is NOT AN OPTION), snapping selfie after selfie. #fashionshow #SelfiewelShowKhalfi 

3. The wired journalist/blogger

This person, usually female, is sitting front row with her MacBook. She's usually a freelance writer/blogger frantically punching the keys on her laptop keyboard. 

4. The celebrity

These are the regional celebs that are bracing themselves for a deluge of selfie requests. You can also find people hovering nearby, surreptitiously snapping "selfie w [insert name of celeb] khalfi" pics. 

5. The business execs

Business execs are the most observant of the bunch because they've probably put a lot of cash into the event. It's easy to mistake them for secret service agents.

6. The PR agent

The PR agent works closely with the event planner. They have a team of 4-6 people that are always scurrying about to make sure everything is going as planned. 

7. The photographer who's in 5 places at once

You can't keep up with these guys. They can't miss a moment so you'll feel like they're constantly teleporting across the room 

8. The one who's just there...

These people know very well that a night at a fashion show is better than binge-watching Game of Thrones.

Here's a quick peak into the TRESEmme fashion show last week. Those looks though

Those models definitely know how to walk the walk