For much of 2016, Leila Abdel Latif became part and parcel of the average Lebanese person's life. 

Every month, she graced our television sets with catastrophic predictions for the months ahead. Overtly, we mocked her. But deep inside, we believed there was a morsel of truth to her predictions. So we watched her in the privacy from our own homes, away from the mocking eyes of our peers. 

And that's the kind of behavior that keeps TV ratings sky high, my friends. 

But let's just say she missed the mark one too many times this year, and her absence from our TVs on New Years Eve for her yearly pronouncements of the year ahead did not go unnoticed. 

Here's a list of some of Leila Abdel Latif's prediction fails in 2016.  

1. Hillary Clinton will win big in the US presidential elections

Yup, Abdel Latif was definitely wrong about this one. 

On Nov. 8, Donald Trump became president-elect of the United States. But not even the New York Times, which put the chances of Trump's victory at 10%, could see that one coming. 

2. Lebanon will revive its railway services

Did you hear about the railway in Anfeh that opened up recently? Me neither. Because it didn't actually happen. 

Abdel Latif believed railroads and trains would become a functioning aspect of our lives. This was probably her most optimistic prediction yet. 

3. Syria's Bashar al-Assad will step down

Syrian president Bashar al-Asad sealed 2016 with a major victory in Aleppo, setting the war firmly in his favor.  

4. Lebanese artist Melhem Barakat will release a new national song

At 44 minutes of the video above, Leila Abdel Latif predicts that that Lebanese singer Melhem Barakat will compose a pan-Arab song that gathers some of the region's most famous musicians (think of Band Aid's 1984 Feed the World). 

Barakat died earlier in December. 

5. An earthquake will hit Egypt ... followed by a tsunami that will strike North African countries

Jeez, Leila! Take a chill pill. 

6. Saudi Arabia and Iran relations will become strong once again

Leila Abdel Latif said that Saudi-Iran ties will become strong commercially and politically in 2016. We wish, Leila. We wish. 

7. Jean Obeid will become Lebanese president

Well, Lebanon did finally get a president after a two and a half year wait. But it wasn't any of Leila Abdel Latif's picks: Former minister Jean Obeid or former army chief Jean Kahwaji. 

It was, as well all know, former General and leader of Lebanon's largest Christian parliamentary bloc, Michel Aoun. 

8. Najwa Karam, Haifa Wehbe and Elissa will finally be married

Leila Abdel Latif predicted that Najwa Karam would finally enter the golden cage in 2016, which will come to everyone as a huge surprise. Abdel Latif said that Haifa Wehbe would remarry. 

Wedding bells did not ring for any of these three, though.