Let's be realistic for a second: fast-paced technological advancements and social media can cut a lot of jobs, but they also create new ones that require whole new different skillsets. 

Without a doubt, our generation - aka Millenials and Generation Z - has been lucky enough to reap the benefits the information rush. 

But it's been a bumpy ride for our parents' generation. 

Here are 8 jobs our parents just don't understand:

1. Content Creator

These creative people can produce a wide variety of content for the Web, from articles, videos, memes, reviews, and many other things. 

Working on projects and assignments at really odd hours (to meet the demands of multiple clients) makes our parents really worried though. 

"Who are you talking to at this late hour? Are you working with spies?" 

2. Freelancer

Be it translator, photographer, programmer, or writer... if you're working from home you're fashel (a loser).

Just tell them what you do without adding "self-employed" or "freelancer." This will make it easier for everyone. 

3. Social Media

"Ah walla? So you're on Facebook all day? Is that what you consider a job?"

4. Graphic Designer

"I spent much money on your education so that you can end up drawing cartoons? Yalla, go spend your day working on Mickey Mouse!"

5. Chef

"You want to become a tabakh?!!

Just stay at home and cook for us instead of cooking for strangers and spare us the embarrassment." 

6. Software Developer

"Aha, okay that sounds great. But I still don't get it...

What should I tell your uncles when they ask about what you do for living?" 

7. Fashion Designer

"You want to be a khayyata?! Come on, you can do better than that, habibti!"

And now imagine a son uttering these words to his parents...

8. Stand-up Comedian

"Oh, so you want to become a clown... 

Great, where do I hide my face from people now?"