From Persian rugs to Moroccan tiles, Middle Eastern design history  is rich. And while we might not all have the means to create our Shahrazad-worthy pad, here are nine ways to decorate your flat with Arab accents. You know you want to.

1. Low couches

Sitting on low couches is not only eye candy, but really comfortable.

2. Mosaic tiles

Colorful mosaics can make a huge impact. If you don't live in a place with mosaics like this amazing Moroccan house, buy a few tiles and lay them around your house. It can brighten any room.

3. Rug it up

Rugs can be modern too, as shown in this Egyptian flat. Stick to geometric designs if you are going for this trendy look.

4. Classic wooden chairs

Classic carved wooden chairs add an element of fine taste to this Kuwaiti apartment.

5. Golden touch

You can never have too many gold accents.

 6. Decorative woodwork

Take the woodwork to a whole new level with a canopy bed.

7. Orange

The orange accents take this beautiful room and add some serious Moroccan edge.

8. Tapestries

Hang embroidered cloths on the walls to bring a touch of style to a plain wall.