It's fair to say that most Arabic speakers around the world won't keep a count on how many times they say Inshallah (God willing) throughout the day.

Although it's not a promise, the word is used to imply the possibility of something to happen. And since the popular expression is so frequently used, it's normal for it to make an appearance in the music industry as well.

Here are 8 Inshallah songs you need to check out...

1. Amr Diab's "Alby Etmannah" has exactly what we're looking for...

The first 20 seconds of the song alone hold five "Inshallah's". Since its release last summer, Amr Diab's Alby Etmannah has already amassed over 12 million views on YouTube.

2. "Oul Inshallah" has it all in the name

With the many "Inshallah's" in the song, this 2005 Lebanese hit by Iwan is guaranteed to make 90s kids nostalgic.

3. Latifa's "Inshallah" is a loop

Tunisian singer Latifa released this song in 1999, with the Arabic part being the easiest to memorize... as for the French lines, most of us just let Latifa sing them alone.

4. "Inshallah ma Aadamak"... since old is gold

This love song by Egyptian singer Mohamed Qandil dates back to the 1950s and is still popular in modern times.

5. Care for a beautiful song in Farsi?

This moving Persian song by Karunesh is a hidden gem. In very simple words, Karunesh sings about world peace, harmony, and God. 

6. How about Albanian?

This song by the Albanian singer Ingrit Gjoni was released in 2013.

7. What about some Hindi?

Inshallah is a Bollywood song by Krishna Beura, Shaan, Akriti Kakkar,  and Himesh Reshammiya. The song is a part of the 2007 Indian comedy movie Welcome

8. Perhaps, the best of all is Sting's version of Inshallah

This popular song was released in 2016 and is a tribute to refugees fleeing violence and persecution in their war-torn home countries.