Motherhood is perhaps no where more revered than in Arab culture; it is an admiration and a respect that has always been an essential part of Arab thought and literature. For thousands of years, Arab writers, philosophers, scholars and thinkers have proved this time and time again.

In honor of Mother's Day in the Arab World, which takes place March 21 every year, we take a look at some prominent Arab writers' incredibly beautiful thoughts on mothers.

1. "The sweetest human lips can utter is the word mother, and the most beautiful calling in existence is: Oh mother. A word small, big, filled with hope and love and kindness and all the tenderness and sweetness in the human heart" - Gibran Kahlil Gibran

2. "I long for my mother's bread, and my mother's coffee, and my mother's touch, and growing up in childhood day after day, and I love my life because if I died, I would be ashamed of my mother's tears." - Mahmoud Darwish

3. "Every time I see hope and life, I see your image and I call on you: Oh mother, oh mother, oh mother, good morning my majesty." - Salah Jahin

4. "I am still, mother, on your grave here a child who sells patience, I call on you and I wait. I am a child new to orphanage and I don't know what comes next, for who after you will answer my call? And who after you will kiss me so I forget? And who in the morning will I smell the fragrance of flowers in their breaths?" - Abd El-Aziz Gowida

5. "A mother is a garden, if life promises it water, it flourishes beyond imagination." - Hafez Ibrahim

6. "When my mother cries, I burn like the dry branches of a tree. I don't think about rational reasons, I just discover that we are one person, who cries with four eyes." - Mohamed Hassan E'lwan

7. "I have never seen a place for creatures to be nurtured like the hugs of mothers." - Ma'rouf Al-Rasafi

8. "A mother brings her child close and holds him, a sanctuary of heavenly beauty, sacred. The sanctuary of life, with her purity and her kindness. Is there above it a sanctuary greater and more sacred? You are blessed, sanctuary of motherhood." - Abu Al-Qasim El-Shabbi