Given that they live in a region plagued by wars and misfortune, Arabs have had to learn how to cope with their fair share of problems.

One way they do it is by using humorous language that helps ease the pain of major life disappointments. Here are a few funny words Arabs use to make light of things that bring them down:

1. Toz

Literally translates into "fart" ... but truly means "I don't care".

2. Mish mashkal/Mo meshkela

How to ignore a problem? Simply don't call it that, instead say: Not a problem. 

3. Khalli Walli

Basically the Khaleeji version of Hakuna Matata.

4. W shino ya3ni?

Two words to immediately belittle any problem: So what?

5. Ma3lesh

The most famous Arab comfort word... it's OK.

6. 3adi

Made popular by Lebanese singer Elissa... this is the only word we need to normalize pretty much anything.

7. Mo mohem

What kills a problem? Diminishing its importance.

8. Kheir

You're in the middle of the worst crisis but you say to yourself: Great. Good luck making sense of that.