The 2017 film adaptation of Stephen King's legendary 'IT' has been pretty much the topic of discussion since its release earlier this month. 

There is one scene from the entire movie that has turned into one big meme. It's the one where Pennywise (the clown) manipulates a child into thinking he's going to return his paper boat but lures him down into a storm drain instead.

Of course, Arabs couldn't help but re-imagine the scene ... with things that would attract Arabs down into the rain-swollen gutter, despite their will to resist. 

1. If Pennywise were Arab, he'd act like a real-life cupid

2. IT knows just how far you'd go for Lebanese-Syrian drama shows

3. When food is life ... and Pennywise knows it

4. What if Pennywise were a zionist?

5. When Pennywise doesn't understand Palestinian politics

6. When Pennywise knows just how strong your relationship with shawarma is

7. IT knows falafel is a no-brainer

8. When all your friends want to watch IT but you're not a fan of horror films