In this region here, food is as important as life itself... and that's because we have the richest flavors in each meal. 

With Arabs being the food-centric people they are, "halal" was bound to take over the international food scene sooner or later.

Halal food, meaning permitted food, is the dietary standard for muslims to follow. It can range from a list of allowed items to consume, to certain techniques of butchery.

From halal food bloggers - aka halaloodies - to prepackaged halal food, here are a few halal foodies to follow:

1. The Halal Eater

The Halal Eater is a halal food blog that offers reviews of restaurants as well as serves as a food guide for people in Singapore and different locations in the Far East, like Korea and Bali.

2. The London Haloodie

This halal foodie is based in London and guarantees an excellent dining experience "through the eyes of a modern Muslim."

From cakes to luxurious dining, this food blogger believes that eating halal shouldn't restrict Muslims from experiencing "different cuisines from all over the world.”

3. My Big Fat Halal Blog

London-based Ayeesha Razak is behind My Big Fat Halal Blog, which features a collection of different restaurants all over London, categorized by cuisine types. 

She makes cooking and dining in the city much easier by providing different recipes to try out at home and a list of places to eat at.

4. Halal Girl About Town

With over 34K followers on Instagram, Halal Girl is the self-proclaimed "Queen of Halal Food, Travel, Life."

Layla Hassanali has a food and travel blog as well as a channel on YouTube, with her latest video being about halal food in Dubai.

5. London Foodee

UK-based London Foodee reviews mouth-watering and Insta-worthy halal dishes... but not only in the UK.

This Instagram page is filled from top to bottom with colorful desserts and plenty of comfort food worth diving in.

6. Halal NYC

Halal NYC makes sure all the food items in the restaurants it features are halal and delicious-looking. 

Whether it's in Brooklyn or Manhattan, this foodie shows you all kinds of halal desserts, main dishes, and cuisines around New York City.

7. Halal SnackBox

Halal SnackBox is a U.S.-based, internationally-shipped, monthly-subscription box, combining different sweet and savory halal snacks.

The boxes come in different packages, ranging from a simple Treat Box, Meat Box, and Variety Box.

8. Haloodies

Haloodies is a UK brand dedicated to making wholesome prepackaged halal food. The idea came after Noman and Imran found a gap in the market for "products to match their lifestyles" as well as being convenient.

Their products are found at international supermarkets such as Tesco, Costco, and AmazonFresh.