The United Arab Emirates has a habit of spoiling us rotten! Everything is so easy and accessible here to the point where we start to develop serious symptoms of first world problems... However, ladies tend to suffer more from these kinds of problems due to our delicate and sensitive nature.

So, here are the 8 worst first world problems ladies in Dubai have to endure:

1. Car maintenance

Single ladies can identify with this problem. I mean who wants to get lost in Al Qouz industrial area looking for a repair shop that won’t charge you double the price just because you wear lipstick?

2. Heels in JBR


Did you ever try to walk in heels on JBR’s stone paved sidewalk?! Those uneven bricks are definitely planted there by a mean misogynist! That sidewalk is your stilettos’ worst enemy and you will look like a drunken penguin when you try to gracefully walk on it without losing your balance and prestige.

3. Ladies night


Just because you like to go out on Tuesday night with your girlfriends, it doesn’t mean you are out to get wasted and hit on by all the single men in the bar! Ladies who go to ladies night usually get sleazy and snarky looks from some men who judge them, but also want to hit on them!

4. Going to Jebel Ali Free Zone


You have to allow at least half an hour of “I am lost get me out of here” time and half an hour of “I can’t drive behind lorries and trucks” time whenever you attempt to visit Jebel Ali. That place is just not designed for women!

5. No valet service


How do you expect us to react when you say "we don’t provide valet parking service?" Even Spinneys has it!

6. Bean bags in Jetty Lounge


We love Jetty Lounge, but we absolutely hate sinking our heels in the sand in order to sit on the beach bean bags! Especially if we are on a first date and we haven’t had time to do a pedicure!

7. Huge maki rolls


Maki is a good choice for a first date, but take my advice and don’t choose the Crunchy Crazy roll because it is huge and you will end up looking like you are trying to swallow a child in front of your date! Let’s keep it classy ladies.

8. No empty chairs at the bar


When those Louboutins slowly start to raise your blood pressure and suffocate your little toe it is time to find an empty chair at the bar… but they are all taken by other equally suffering ladies! Believe me, that’s not a first world problem… that’s a medical emergency!