A drive on Dubai roads is never complete without going through one – or all – of these experiences on daily basis.

1. SALIK panic attack

You feel a panic attack creeping up on you when you realize you’ve missed the last free exit, and you're about to pass under a SALIK gate with no credit.

2. “Fancy Plate number” syndrome

You develop this syndrome after living in the UAE for a while. You unconsciously find yourself giving way to the car with the fancy plate number behind you ... even though the driver didn’t force you to do so.

3. Questioning all these building sites

Source: WikiMedia

As you drive on the roads of the UAE, you sometimes catch yourself asking these questions: “Who’s going to live in all these towers? Will the construction ever stop? When did this park come up? What’s with all those golf courses? When will they finish building? Is The Palm really sinking?”

4. Where am I?

You could be in the Springs, the Meadows, the Arabian Ranches or JVC … because virtually all these neighborhoods look the same!

5. The petrol station dilemma

Deciding to enter the petrol station in Dubai is a long process that starts with “Do I really need a car?” and ends with “I just wasted 20 minutes of my life listening to the horrendous Sheena Show and pondering my life decision. But at least I have a full tank!" 

6. The search for the missing exit

You can see the building you want to go to ... but you can’t find the freaking exit that takes you to it! Can this be more frustrating?

7. Parking in the sand

After a few months of driving in Dubai, you become an expert on all the sand pits that you can park in without getting a fine. You also become very creative in inventing parking spots that you never knew existed!

8. The Tecom business cards treatment

If you drive to Tecom (AKA: Barsha Heights), then your will be treated to an array of business cards that invite you to shady spa parlors and creepy massage centers. We won’t judge you if you actually call one of them ... kidding, we will judge you.