In case you haven't heard already, Egyptian-American actor Rami Malek was named as the Best Actor at the 91st Academy Awards on Sunday.

But, on a lighter note, there are many Arab performances that would have definitely won big at the Oscars, and they actually take place on a daily basis. 

This comes as Arabs have a unique way of maneuvering some sticky situations, which sometimes require them to put their acting skills on display.

Bring out the popcorn! Here are some Arab performances that deserve a standing ovation:

1. Parents responding to their kids' requests with "inshallah"

This scene requires Arab parents to pretend like they haven't already set their minds on saying "no."

Knowing their kids won't handle rejection well, parents resort to their favorite indefinite response, inshallah, which translates to "God willing."

2. Moms giving Meryl Streep a run for her money when they have guests over

Arab moms have a unique personality that only emerges when guests are over. This persona is sweet and kind, so they respond to their kids' misbehavior with patience and understanding... until the guests leave, of course.

3. Wedding guests complimenting the hosts right after roasting them in whispers

Some Arab wedding guests are self-proclaimed critics who feel entitled to give their two cents on every aspect of the ceremony. 

However, you can count on them to perform one hell of a show in front of the hosts, throwing out compliments like confetti and acting like they truly mean them. 

4. Daughters of strict parents keeping their relationships a secret

For daughters of strict and conservative Arab parents, dating is pretty much an extreme sport. 

So, daughters have to go to extreme measures to hide their relationships, creating thorough scripts and performing some super-convincing scenes.

5. An HR officer acting like an interviewee stands a chance

The interviewer pretends like the interviewee has a shot at getting the position, when in reality, they know that the other applicant who has wasta (connections) was already hired.

6. That one cousin pretending to be the golden child

Every group of Arab cousins seems to have one member who manages to hide their wrongdoings and pretend to be a saint, leading parents to constantly compare their kids to that so-called golden child. 

Such cousins might be all sorts of annoying, but one can't help but acknowledge their persistence in maintaining that golden image.

7. F*ckboys pretending to be decent when meeting a girl

Arab f*ckboys are exceptionally talented at hiding their f*ckboy nature when meeting women. They preach and act like they are total husband-material, all the while talking to a couple of women at the same time.

8. Arab politicians promising citizens major changes

They go on and on about how public interest is their top priority and how change is foreseeable. While we certainly don't buy any of it, we should give them credit for their impeccable acting talents. It's truly the stuff of movies.