Egyptian food. Yum, just yum. Our dishes may seem ordinary to us Egyptians, but if we take a step back and look at them from a distance... well, they can come off as a little weird.

Here's a list that dissects the randomness of popular Egyptian dishes and food combinations. 

1. Koshary = Carbs galore!

Koshary is a staple Egyptian dish, and what is popular must be delicious!

Problem is, koshary is almost entirely made up of carbohydrates: rice, lentils, macaroni, and hummus, with a splash of tomato, garlic sauce, and some fried onions for fun.

It feels a little insane when you realize that when we eat this heavy, heavy dish we somehow still have the ability to function afterwards! 

2. Pickles with every meal

Pickles with breakfast, pickles with lunch, pickles as a mid afternoon snack, and pickles with dinner. As a pickle lover myself, I have no problem with this, but it's fair to say that eating this many pickles is not normal! 

3. Molokheyya

Molokheyya, a childhood favorite for Egyptians! Delicious and heartwarming, yet it looks like, and has the consistency of, slime, seaweed or moss. Weirdest. Meal. Ever.

4. Tehina and Molasses

The Egyptian version of Nutella. Tehina and molasses has been gratifying our sweet-tooth for generations. Its rich, creamy consistency is to die for. Whoever came up with the concept for sweet tehina variations is a total genius. 

4. Watermelon and white cheese

I have no idea why this combination works, I really don't... but it does!

6. Pickled Lemons

Why would anyone take something that is already sour and bitter and amplify its effects? Its an odd thing to pickle, and yet, it is the greatest pickle of all time and I pity anyone who has never tried it. 

7. Feseekh

A Sham el Nessim favorite. This salted fish meal dates back to ancient times. Putrid salted fish, I'll leave it at that. 

8. The (sweet) Sakalans sandwich

Consisting of all sorts of naughty yet nice ingredients: halawa, cream, honey, jam, basbousa and konafa. Pretty much anything sweet and delicious stuffed inside a slice of bread. It's totally insane!