It's a fact that Arabs are obsessed with food and it's pretty much all they talk about. 

While nothing's wrong with that, there's something that just isn't right about using food in song lyrics 

Yep, that's right, some Arab singers have been creating songs that feature references to food. The result? Cringeworthy tracks that are certain to make you laugh and maybe cry a little too. 

1. The song that refers to women as "pieces of biscuit"

If you give it a close listen, the singer also refers to women as "confectioners' sugar" ... talk about getting diabetes after this song. 

2. The track that calls women "minty"

Face palm after face palm. 

3. The grape song ...

We're not laughing, you are.

4. The song that's all about chocolate

We have no more words ... but maybe chocolate deserves a song? 

5. And yet another cringeworthy chocolate song

Who comes up with these things? 

6. Yes, this Arab singer filmed a music video for a song about eggplants

Offensive music video + ridiculous song lyrics = The most cringeworthy of them all.

7. "No love, no watermelon" had to make it to the list

Leave watermelons alone. 

8. And of course, tabbouleh had to get its own song

Thanks to Chef Antoine.