If you're a driver in Lebanon, you know all too well that driving is a crafted skill you acquire after years and years of experience. Putting aside road rage, there's something entertaining about driving in the country. You see certain things that just don't exist anywhere else, at least not in the same way. Whether from Jbeil to Beirut or Beirut to Saida or Saida to Tyre, these are 8 crazy things that happen all too often on highways in Lebanon:

1.The creation of non-existent lanes

Because why should we waste space?

2. Spotting "cars" without a registered license plate

3. Seeing bottles of gas being transported like this...

Among other things as well.

4. Blindness...because well street lights are never ever turned on

So everyone depends on their car's headlight.

5. Burning tires are used to block the road to your destination

Which you only find out after 3 hours of sitting in a traffic jam.

6. Sharing an argileh with the car next door...just because

OH so friendly?

7. Never say never to seeing drivers pealing their fruits while stuck in a traffic jam

Because you kinda get hungry while waiting it out.

8. Or cars going in the opposite direction of the actual road

And policemen allow it.

Which kinda makes you wonder if this is true?

Except I think this probably applies to all the highways in the country.