If you are an Arab then you simply don’t watch TV without bombarding Arab celebrities who appear on it with a flood of comments, remarks and criticism. But it is hard not to, because they give us every reason in the world to do so!

Arab celebrities can sometime be over-the-top and borderline annoying to the point that the only advise one can give them is: "Please stop… you ain’t that cute!"

So, here are 8 annoying things Arab singers, actors and presenters need to STOP DOING:

1. Acting like a teenager in a music video


If you are a 40+ year-old singer, then acting like a teenager who sneaks out of her teddy bears filled bedroom to steal her dad’s car keys and go skateboarding with a bunch of tweens simply won’t convince us. There is nothing wrong with growing old and having some wrinkles. Embrace it!

2. Being a sultry washing machine


Can this trend in Arabic music clips DIE already?! Can someone tell us the secret behind Arab female singers’ fascination with laundry in music clips? No woman washes clothes by her hands anymore and no she doesn’t wear an extra tight jalabiya while doing so, nor does she put the laundry pot between her half naked legs and winks at the fanela-clad neighbor, and no, that neighbor isn’t usually hot and ripped with perfect hair. He’s most probably ugly fat and hairy and deserves a restraining order for being a Peeping Tom!

3. Being surrounded by tens of models


It might have been the coolest thing to do in the 90s, but really?! Does this still happen? The worst part is when the model is all over the singer but he is completely ignoring her because he’s too busy focusing on the camera and making a heart sign with his arms! Where is the love?!

4. Cliché phrases


If only I can get a dirham for every time an Arab celebrities utters the words “merci la allah” or “ma hada bi nafesni” or “no one competes with me” in an interview with Neshan or Tony Khalife!

5. Saying they haven’t had plastic surgery


Let me stop you right there! Do you realize we can still remember how you looked back in the 90s and during the Studio El Fann days? Also, do you know that the internet is happy to supply us with endless “before and after” photos of you? And yes botox counts as plastic surgery.

6. Singing live


Some Arab celebrities call themselves “singers” but the last thing they can do is actually sing! They make things even worse when they attempt to sing live! We’ll take a studio recorded, lip-synched performance any day! Have mercy on our poor ears.

7. Forcing themselves to believe they are multitalented


Some Arab celebrities think they are so talented that they insist on entertaining us further more by doing acting, singing, presenting, modeling and dancing all at the same time! Just wait for Ramadan every year to discover who are the newest singers-turned-actors or show presenters!

8. Cheesy meaningless lyrics


Gone are the days of Nizar Qabbani and Ahmad Shawqi who wrote some of the most beautiful and enduring lyrics for Abdul Halim and Umm Kulthum. Now the best you can get is “habibi I love you habibi… if you go away habibi I will be without a habibi”… seriously?! Isn’t there anyone capable of writing decent lyrics anymore? (Marwan Khoury excluded).