As kids, all of our Arab parents had their own techniques in scaring us into behaving. These myths and stories range from the hilarious to the actually scary... but they have one thing in common; they were used on all of us as kids.

Here are some of the things our parents used to scare us with when we were kids.

1. Selling gum under the bridge


For some reason, everytime you slacked off at school, you were told that if you don't do well you're going to end up selling gum under the bridge for a living. What bridge? No one knows, but it scared you plenty.

2. Abou Kees


Whenever you tried to be a little adventurous as a kid, you were threatened by this mysterious creature who is out there waiting for children. You were never told what exactly he would do with the children once he got them, but he still scared the hell out of you.

3. Getting locked in a room with rats


This still makes no sense to me? Why was this ever a thing that they would say? Where was this room full of rats even located, and why were you scared of it? These are questions that will never be answered.

4. Getting sent to the police station


I don't know why you'd believe them as a kid, but your parents probably often threatened to turn you in to the police whenever you misbehaved. It was a scary idea as a kid, but there was no way picking on your brother was a bad enough crime to get locked up, so I don't know why we bought it.

5. Having your clothes thrown out

Whenever your room got even a little bit messy, your parents would always threaten to throw your clothes out the window. Why your clothes only? No one knows. And why must it be done so dramatically? Also no one knows, but it was enough to make you tidy up.

6. Giving your toys away


Not only did your parents threaten to take your toys away from you, they also would say that they'd give them to other kids so you can never have them back. This is probably the source of all your attachment issues.

7. The Slipper


It was probably just playful threats, but as a kid, your parents slipper was the one weapon you were most scared of. Whether they went through with it or not, you knew that whenever you saw that slipper get off the floor, you had to run.