Cleaning is more of an activity (rather than a chore) in an Arab household, and we have our mothers to thank (or blame) for that.  

The obsession with cleaning and organizing has been around for as long as we can remember, making it that much harder not to become a "clean freak" monster.  

Here are all the times your mother helped turn you into one: 

1. When she made you believe furniture should resemble ghosts to protect it from dust

2. When she made you believe that washing the dishes was an enjoyable task

3. When she taught you to keep an inventory of olive oil soap ...

4. These are the kind of proverbs that conquered your life

5. She made you believe that anything can be used for cleaning ... ANYTHING

6. The untouched salon ... was a "clean exhibition" on its own

7. She taught you to clean ... even when someone was coming to make your house dirty