As Arabs we are easily detectable from miles away – be it the way we dress, eat, speak or communicate with others. Some of the most common places to spot us are airports, where our chaotic personalities find a platform to unravel comfortably and shamelessly.

1. Standing in line? What do you mean?


While everyone is standing in a straight line patiently waiting for their turn, we nonchalantly ignore any form of organization and pass anyone waiting. When asked to go back to the end of the line, of course all of a sudden we do not understand the spoken language and smoothly ignore any requests with a slight attitude.

2. The ubiquitous red ribbon


Oversized suitcases are easily noticeable with nothing but the famous red ribbon wrapped on the main handle.

3. Arabic sweets and nuts bags double as carry on bags


Forget that convenient carry on; we are super resourceful when it comes to packing all our personal belongings in a 30 cm canvas bag.

4. Travel prerequisite: Facebook and Instagram check in at the VIP lounge


How else will everyone know that we are traveling AND have access to the VIP lounge if we haven’t checked in on all social media platforms?

5. Last call? Who has time for that when you are still shopping at the Duty Free!

While everyone once again is standing in line waiting to board the plane, our names are blasted on loudspeaker while we purchase our precious cigarettes, alcohol and dare we forget the perfume bottles for the whole family.

6. The welcome wagon


At arrival rest assured your entire extended family is there to meet and greet you with flowers and balloons

7. First come first serve


That seat number on your boarding pass means nothing when everyone has a seating arrangement of their own

And this my friends is why we are always chosen for "random" security checks ...

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