Because driving in Jordan is like walking through a jungle ... you never know what's going to happen. 

1. Hand gestures

If you're turning and there's a car behind you, you're better off gesturing with your arm than using your car signals. The only time you should use car signals is when you're in a "mawkib" for a wedding or graduation. 

2. Avoid taxis at all costs

Imagine this: you're driving somewhere around the 5th circle behind a cab. Of course the cab's bumper is tied with some rope to hold it together -the result of previous accidents- and the cab suddenly hits the break to pick up a customer. 

Naturally, you crash into him if you're too close. And of course there is no proof that the bumper was already broken, so you end up paying for the full's your fault you weren't born with quick reflexes. 

3. The rules of traffic lights

Red: if you're the first one on the light and it just turned red you have about 2 seconds to cross it. 

Yellow: Honk...honk and honk some more so the cars in front know it's time to move

Green: Naturally it means put the pedal to the metal and try to get out of traffic before the it turns red again. 

4. Follow the ambulance

If you're stuck in traffic somewhere in the University Street and you see an ambulance or cop car behind you, directly go to the right then back to the left and tail it.  It's the only way you'll get out of traffic! 

5. A one way street means a shortcut

This is a given, if you see a street that's one way then its a shortcut to where you're going. Take a breath, go in, honk if there's a car coming and pray to God there isn't a cop at the end of the road!

6. Roundabouts are survival of the biggest

Disregarding any rules of who gets their turn on a roundabout, if you've got some kind of 4x4 car then automatically you can pass because you scare the hell out of people. 

People with Kia Picantos are always the underdogs of roundabouts that finish last. 

7. Clean your window when people bother you

Naturally, Amman doesn't have proper sidewalks which eventually leads people to end up walking on the actual street. The only way to get them out of the road is to drive as close as possible and spray them with's mean but it works.