Public transportation is an essential part of our lives, whether we like it or not. 

In Egypt, around two hours are wasted on the road every day. You can make lots of friends, learn new shortcuts, and probably run into the same drivers over and over again - which saves you time explaining where you want to go. 

As your luck shifts starting with which driver you encounter, to who's seated next to you for the next hour or so, have an early look at which characters might end up in that same microbus as you.

Here are some of the people you are likely to meet if you're taking a microbus in Egypt:

1. The sleepyhead

This poor fellow will fall asleep once the bus starts moving. They usually rely on other passengers to wake them up at their station. 

2. The extra nosy passenger

Don't panic when you find them correcting your typos while texting your friends. 

3. The one who keeps staring at you

"The trip is long, my phone is dead, and I'm bored. So I'll just stare at other people for fun!"

4. Abu Lam3a

This professional liar will come up with stories about the traffic jam any time their phone rings. 

They claim to be "almost there" even though they just moved from 'point A' 5 minutes ago, while 'point B' is 20 minutes away. 

It's hard not to laugh if the person next to you is Abu Lam3a (The Flash). 

5. The maths hater

This one is easily confused. 

Their worst nightmare is sitting in the front seat just to find the passengers handing them money for the ride. 

They will find themselves, out of the blue, in charge of the fare and all of the maths involved in returning change and calculating destinations.

6. The stressed out one

This type is still new in town. Be prepared for many questions along the way.

7. The quick tempered passenger

They will lose their cool every time the driver stops to pick up new passengers. 

You will, most probably, feel the negative energy if you end up next to this type.