There's something about getting married young that won't ever go away in the Arab world. People expect you to be married in your early 20s ... because how will you have time to have kids? As if you can't have kids in your late 20s or 30s.

Being single in the Arab world can get a bit frustrating.

People have taken to Twitter to express that frustration, with a pinch of humor on the side:

1. You sometimes feel like a piece of meat being put up for an auction

2. That gets roasted time and again on almost every single occasion

3. To the point where you start referring to marriage is engraved in your mind

4. Because you've somehow become eye candy for every Arab mother out there looking to marry off her son

5. And you're a victim of those never-ending 3a'beliks at weddings and engagements

6. Because God forbid you're not married in your early 20s

7. The level of your problems does not compare to that of other girls

And it's guys like this that make you want to be single