Late on Monday, seven famous Arab singers released a song against Qatar and its policies. 

The song comes amid the ongoing Qatari crisis which began in early June after Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Egypt began a blockade on the Gulf state, accusing it of supporting and funding terrorism.  

Titled "Teach Qatar,"  the song features popular Saudi singers Rashid Al Majid, Abdul Majeed Abdullah, Mohammad Abdo, Rabeh Sager, and Aseel Abu Bakr. It also features Iraqi singers Majid Al Mohandes and Walid Al Shami. 

The song opens with the following lyrics, sung by Sager:

"Teach Qatar, and those who stand behind it, that our country, is patient. But when matters escalate and become dangerous, you'll see the actions of its men." 

Just minutes after it was released by Saudi record label, Rotana, the song went viral on social media and prompted thousands to respond. 

In less than 24 hours, the track garnered over 394,000 views, at time of writing. 

Mixed reactions on social media

The song, written by Turki Al Sheikh and composed by Rabeh Sager, continues to make the rounds online. 

While many seem to love the track and are hailing the artists behind it, others feel that it was uncalled for. 

"A wonderful operetta sung by the Arab world's top artists"

Some absolutely love the song

"The song is beautiful. We thank every artist who used their talent to benefit their homeland."  

Others are now quoting its lyrics

"Twenty years of conspiracies that we always knew of."

"To those who think this song is uncalled for... it is, and it talks back at Qatar's treacherous government"

"Even though I am Saudi, I think this song is uncalled for"

"Saudi's blockade against Qatar is purely a political matter... I don't see how songs and music fit in here"

Others are praying for peace

"May God bring peace to everyone and restore things back to the way they were."  

Watch a video of the full song here: