Moms are fascinating creatures. It's quite amazing how they can rationalize things for no reason or for reasons that are just wrong. They come up with the weirdest ways to annoy you in the name of "love." They leave you questioning everything from why they acted that way to what you might have said.

And honestly, we can't even deal with this kind of khawtaneh.

1. When she yells at you for no reason and you just sit there like...


2. When she forces you to try on clothes you hate


Please khalas.

3. When she yells out your full name when she's angry and you mentally, emotionally, psychologically and physically prepare yourself to face her


4. When you didn't do anything and she sits there lecturing you


5. When she talks to you in front of your friends and tells them how messy, irresponsible, lazy, etc. you are because "lezem ya'rfo"


6. When she tries to change your style by force so you can look like "binet el alam"


My 90s fashion and hair don't care!

7. When she teaches you to stop getting into fights you will never win


Yeah, OK homegirl.