Lately, everyone has been excited about Lindsay Lohan's relocation to Dubai

But Lohan is not the first Western celebrity to fall in love with the Middle East's most glamorous metropolis.

1. Will Smith called Dubai one of his "favorite cites on Earth"

American actor, rapper and producer Will Smith said that Dubai and Miami are his "favorite cities on Earth" during a radio interview last year.

"My two favorite cities on earth are Dubai and Miami," Smith said.

"The way that Dubai dreams is really similar to how I dream."

2. Kim Kardashian has repeatedly tweeted her love for Dubai

Kardashian has visited Dubai on numerous occasions. She came most recently this month, to co-host a Makeup Master Class.

If you scan her Twitter feed, you can find tweets going all the way back to 2011 professing her love for the emirate.

3. Donald Trump thinks Dubai is an "amazing, amazing place"

The businessman and reality TV star turned U.S. president had only "great, great" things to say about the emirate back in 2014, during an interview at the opening of a new golf course.

"Dubai is an amazing place. It's doing really well," he said.

He raved about how much he liked the people, and said "I think Dubai is a place that a lot of people are going to be coming to."

"I think there's great, great future in Dubai," Trump said.

4. David and Victoria Bekham own property in Dubai!

British football star David Bekham and his pop star wife Victoria own property in Dubai. One is located on The Palm Jumeirah and the other is an apartment in the Burj Khalifa.

When you make an investment like that, we'd definitely call it love.

5. Gordon Ramsay "fell in love with Dubai years ago"

Gordon Ramsay, the British celebrity chef, has confessed his love for Dubai.

"I fell in love with Dubai eight years ago when there were virtually no chefs in sight," he told What's On in 2015.

Ramsay also has opened a couple restaurants in the city.

6. John Travolta said Dubai makes him happy

Back in 2013, American actor John Travolta told The National that he'd "love" to make a film in the emirate, calling it "futuristic."

"It’s a whole other universe here, so if you needed to give that illusion in a movie, there’s nowhere else in the world that you would come," he said.

Travolta also floated the possibility of living in Dubai, saying he'd "go from one house to another with a runway." He said that idea "would be awesome."

A year later, Travolta told an interviewer that Dubai makes him happy.

7. Tom Cruise thinks Dubai is "beautiful"

When asked about his view of Dubai following the filming of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, American actor Tom Cruise said: "It's beautiful."

He said he'd been hoping to film in the emirate for some time and thanked the royal family for all their support of the project.

"The warmth and hospitality shown throughout shooting and the whole time we were here was a wonderful experience," he said, according to Gulf News.

Cruise added that Dubai is a "beautiful city, a very cinematic city. The way it's set up – it's incredibly modern, an extraordinary accomplishment."