The semester break is a confusing and emotional period for all students, when you feel both happy and sad, and an influx of confused thoughts comes your way. Here are some of the thoughts every student gets after term ends.

1. You convince yourself you're going to do so many things, then realize that you still have finals



2. Planning trips and outings then remembering you can't afford any of that because of how broke college made you


You can never have it all.

3. Thinking that you'll get your life together but actually sleeping for the entirety of break


Who chooses to wake up early, anyway?

4. Actually feeling less stressed, until you realize that next semester is coming up and you'll be just as stressed very soon


You can't get a break. Literally.

5. Thinking you're going to change your life now

Only to realize that you're just doing what you did before, only with less structure

6. You remember all the shows you wanted to watch


And you actually binge watch every single one of them

7. You get to see your friends again


Without having to lie to yourself about how you're all going to "study together" and feeling terrible when you just hang out.