We've been anticipating the opening of many theme parks in the UAE. One of them is finally here, and it's the biggest indoor theme park in the world.

IMG Worlds of Adventure is finally opening today! Here's what you need to know before you head out there:

1. It is considered to be the largest indoor theme park in the world, covering an area in excess of 1.5 million square feet.

IMG Worlds can accommodate some 20,000 guests per day and it has some of the hottest and craziest rides and attractions out there. It is located on E311, right next to Global Village (near Arabian branches).

2. The park includes 22 rides and attractions in four different themed worlds!

The four different themed areas include: Lost Valley, Cartoon Network, Marvel and IMG Boulevard.

From a ride standpoint, we’ve picked the best ride vendors from around the world — the same ride vendors you’ll see today in Disney and Universal [theme parks],” said Lennard Otto, IMG Worlds CEO, according to Gulf News .

3. The rides are based on characters from Cartoon Network and Marvel.

4. One zone is dedicated exclusively to dinosaurs.

Lost Valley features 69 dinosaurs...lead by Barosaurus who stands over 52 feet tall.

5. The park's ceiling is covered in "sound-proofing black arches."

The arches are used to block out noise from the rides and all the screaming.

6. There are 28 different food joints in the park...each is a zone with its own theme.

"The Lost Valley" is for all the carnivores.

7. Tickets are 300 dirhams for adults, 250 dirhams for children. Free for kids under 3.

Book your tickets here .

The best part...it opens today.