There's a good number of dark skinned individuals in the Arab world, notably in North African and Gulf countries. 

Regrettably, as with most dark-skinned individuals around the globe, dark skinned Arabs still suffer from discrimination and ill treatment. Their ordeal is compounded even further in some foreign countries, where they already are discriminated against for being Arab and Muslim.

Dark-skinned women as well have their fair share of troubles and tend to get labeled as undesirable due to their pigmentation. They also receive a lot of unwelcome comments.

Here are 7 things dark-skinned Arab women are sick of hearing.

1. You should try those skin whitening creams

To begin with, assuming that a dark skinned women is unsatisfied with her complexion and that making it lighter will make her happier is plain absurd. Associating beauty and happiness with fairness of the skin is just plain discriminatory. 

2. Men don’t like dark skin

As if the sole purpose of a women is to appeal to the desire of men. More so, the fact that a woman's complexion factors in in a man's opinion just goes to show the kind of person that he is.

3. Stay out of the sun, you don’t need to get darker

The sun never complained so why should you? Beside being racist, you're wrong too! With the right dosage, sunlight is actually great for your health and skin.

4. You're pretty ... for a dark girl

Taking into account someone's complexion when gauging beauty just reflects ignorance and insecurity.

5. Avoid these colors ... they'll only make you look darker

What's wrong with being darker? Barring someone from expressing themselves in how they dress due to your own color matching expertise is just unacceptable and unwanted.

6. How are you going to find a husband being that dark?

As if a woman's sole purpose in life is to find a man that appreciates her outer appearance. Marriage binds two individuals on a mental and spiritual level, therefore it should never boil down to such a superficial aspect.

7. Damn, how did you get a white man?

Stop deciding the worth of people due to where they fall on a color spectrum.