We're all pretty familiar with what happens when visiting an Arab person's house. It all starts with the deyafe including a wide array of nuts, homemade sweets and juices.

As hospitable as we are, Arabs sometimes take food to a whole new level - especially when the person asking you if you want to eat becomes offended when you say no. Like they take it personally, as if you're insulting one of their children.

Here are 7 things you've probably been told after saying no to food:

1. Ma testehe


This is just the worst thing a person could ever tell you. Like I don't get what being shy has anything to do with saying no to a bowl of bizir or a piece of cake.

2. Kermeli


They say it with that look in their eyes, making you feel guilty for not eating something. But, honestly we all do things for other people, but eating for other people... I've never heard of that one.

3. Walaw


This happens the second they tell you they spent endless hours in the kitchen trying to make that riz b haleeb, as if that's going to change your mind.

4. Ayb


You know when they come at you with this, it's over. You just have to indulge in something, anything. Even if it's just a cup of water.

5. Leh bte'rafe mini?


Man, no I'm not disgusted. Or maybe I am. Either way I can't tell you. I really just don't want to eat. Like anjad that's all there is to it.

And then you try explaining to them that you're just not hungry...

6. Mish darouri tkooni jo'ane


Yeah, I know we've all had our fair share of binging, but right now I'm not in the mood to eat. Khalas please.

7. Amle diet?


Everything always comes back to this one thing. Dieting. Because saying no to food at a given moment means that you're basically starving yourself?