If you're short-tempered, you know how hard it is to get by in this world without disrespecting others. There are times where enough is really enough, and all it takes is a max of two words to get your point across .

Here are 7 words that have definitely come in handy during those spouts of anger:

1. Khalas


This is basically used when you just want to shut the person on the other end of the conversation up. It's short and straight to the point. But, if the person is persistent... then you've got to take some other measures.

2. Ma'ad fiyeh


When you really can't take it anymore, you just say exactly what's going through your head, hoping the person on the other end will finally comprehend. Of course, this is followed by a big fat exhale and an "UFF."

3. Akhh


When you really just don't know what to say, this word or rather the "noise" that comes out of your mouth with no extra effort needed.

4. Ya Allah


This is usually accompanied by a tantrum... involving throwing things on the floor, pulling your hair, biting your nails... unless I'm just crazy?

5. Shu!!


Although the word translates to "what?" saying this when we're angry is usually just another word for KHALAS. We don't expect, nor want, an answer from you. Just zip it.

6. Yel'an... followed by any word from the dictionary

When you just need to "damn" everything in this world so the person can understand just how bad it is.

7. Astaghfarullah


This phrase used when seeking forgiveness from Allah is oftentimes used when you've really had enough of something. Because of all the messed up things going through your head at that given moment, you repeatedly say the phrase in hopes of calming down.