Sharing is something the Arab culture truly values, and we've all been programmed to believe that "sharing is caring" since the day we were born. Khalas it's just something Arabs have truly perfected.

Many people don't understand why we do certain things, but that's what makes it so special. Here are 7 things we just love to share, but have definitely struggled with from time to time.

1. Bedrooms


You know it's just not possible for each and every kid in the family to have their own room. That's where the invention of bunk beds and smaller sized beds come in handy. There are certain things about sharing a bedroom that can get really annoying as you grow older, but you know you wouldn't have it any other way.

2. Clothes


There are certain things Arabs have truly perfected, and the most famous of all, is the passing along of clothes. Hand-me-downs are honestly one of the best and worst creations ever brought into this world. Our parents will never ever throw anything away. If the shirt no longer fits anyone in the family... then it turns into a dust rag. Simple as that. There really is no limit.

3. Names


We all have a cousin or two or ten that share the same name as you, especially if you're a male. It can truly be a struggle, especially if you share a name with the ten thousand other kids at school. Some families go as far as naming their son after their own father adding a junior to the mix.

4. Houses


This is especially true during the summertime, where the entire family meets in your home country, and lives under one single roof. Usually it's your teta and jiddo 's place.

5. Food

Photo source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

There are certain meals, including mansaf, that are as special as they are because of the whole sharing experience. Everyone sits around one big plate and the feasting begins.

6. Argileh

Photo source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

What's so special about smoking hookah is the fact that it is a sharing experience. Plus, sharing an argileh only reduces the damage, right?

7. Childhood stories

This is our parents' favorite. Not a gathering or lecture goes by without some hint of a "when I was younger" type of story.