Why do some directors assume we are stupid viewers who don’t pay attention to details? Why do they think they can get away with stupid mistakes that experienced directors should not be making? There is no excuse for these errors and for underestimating our intelligence and sharpness.

Here are some of the really annoying and stupid mistakes we do not want to see anymore in Ramadan dramas, or any other Arab drama.

1. A mini bus in 1920s Damascus?

point 1

I mean really? A white mini bus or “service” in the wilderness of Damascus during the French occupation? Why didn’t actor Bassem Yakhour use it instead of the horse in "Khatoon?"

2. Abba music in the 1950s...


Some directors have a time machine, and can time-travel to the 80s to get a cassette of Abba’s greatest hits to use it for background music in a show that is set during the 50s!

3. Dior and Tory Burch handbags in "Tawq El Banat"

point 3

The Lady Dior handbag was made in 1993. Tory Burch handbags first appeared in 2004. So what are these bags doing on the arms of the actresses of "Tawq El Banat," which is set in the 1920s?!

4. Suicide and lipstick

point 4

Only Huda Beauty is allowed to have pink lipstick on after trying to commit suicide in "Fawq Mostawa El Shobohat"! Did you expect us not to notice that Miss Najlaa Bader?

5. Jails, showers and blow-driers

point 5 (2)

Apparently Egyptian and Lebanese jails have en-suite salons attached to them to keep Nadine el Rassi’s (Jarimat Shaghaf) and Sherine Reda’s (Fawq Mostawa El Shobohat) hair glossy and clean at all times. Also, I don’t understand how some actresses get out of the shower with perfect, wavy, blow-dried hair after a shower?

point 5

6. Car accidents as the solution for everything


You are not a true Arab director until you have used the car accident scene as the solution to every problem in your series, from breakups and make-ups to escapes and killing off characters.

7. Raising the dead


Bab El Hara is no stranger to bringing back supposedly dead actors in new roles. The latest is actor Abdul Hadi Sabbagh, who played the role of a blind Sheikh in season 6. He gets killed, only to come back as a new character in season 8! This is one of director Bassam El Mulla’s super powers!