Getting a haircut, especially a drastic one, is not something everyone can handle. It starts out as an innocent thought and turns into a harsh reality that sometimes goes wrong.

1. It starts out with you deciding that it's time to get an amazing haircut and you're like

2. Because frankly, you look like an untamed lion with that wild hair of yours


3. After choosing the haircut you want from some random magazine, you feel like a million dollars


Money spent on hair? Don't care!

4. You look down at the floor and see your life crumbling around you


5. And you slowly begin to regret your decision


6. After your haircut is done you look in the mirror and see this

giphy (1)

My hair! My memories! My life!

7. Then you realize, you can totally rock a Beyoncé-esque haircut


"And wake up like this, because you're flawless"