There's something about shawarma that makes our taste buds sing with joy. 

The only downsides, if any, are the extremely frequent cravings. 

But don't worry, we've got you covered while you're around the Mohandiseen area in Egypt.

Take a tour around these 7 spots ready to serve you the best shawarma in town.  

1. Semsema

Semsema is renowned for its Egyptian-style juicy shawarma, which is stuffed inside buns instead of traditional wraps. 

Looks like it's worth a trip just to bite into that sandwich! 

2. My Queen

My Queen's menu is quite diverse; from burgers to stuffed vine leafs all the way to machawi and chicken soup - you'll definitely find something to feast on! 

Still, their shawarma sandwiches remain the highlight - and honestly, how could they not?

3. Abo Amaar El Soeri

Abo Amaar El Soeri - though really it's 'Abou Aammar El-Soury' - is one of the best shawarma places in town. 

Don't forget to order some of their crispy fries and their famous Syrian-style tabbouleh. 

4. Bashawarma

Lebanese shawarma has made its way to Egypt! 

Bashawarma - aka 'the kings of shawarma' - promise the authentic taste you dream of. 

If you're a Lebanese in Egypt and miss local flavors, you now know where to go now.

5. Shawerma El Reem

Shawerma El Reem knows how to tease its 1.4 million followers with good food. 

Make sure your day goes well by ordering a shawarma sandwich with extra garlic, some pickles, and fries.

6. Dawar Farah

Other than the mouthwatering shawarma sandwiches and their famous fattit shawarma, Dawar Farah has the fastest home delivery service to satisfy your cravings. 

So here, you get to be lazy AND have a shawarma! 

7. Abou Mazen El-Soury

Abou Mazen El-Soury is a restaurant whose owner is paying homage to his native Syria both in flavor and name. 

This place serves authentic Syrian shawarma, mashawi, kebab, and kibbeh balls.