In every culture, there are some mannerisms and traits that set the men of a culture apart. In Middle Eastern culture, some of these traits are funny, quirky or completely strange. But when you see a man doing them or owning them, you will immediately know he’s an Arab!

So here are 7 quirky traits Arab men are proud of doing, wearing or owning:

1. The long nail of the pinky finger


You must have seen that taxi driver, electrician or great uncle sporting an exceptionally long nail on their pinky finger. Apparently this rather disgusting nail has many jobs such as: picking the nose, tightening a screw, slicing an orange and probably launching a rocket… who knew?!

2. Holding hands


Now I don’t care what you all think, but Arab culture is so tolerant and liberal that men can walk freely in the streets holding hands or even locking arms! In other parts of the world this action may instantly put them in a certain category that rhymes with “gray” but in the Arab world it is just another way of celebrating friendship.

3. The never ending keychain


Old school Arab men have never met a key they didn’t like! Door key? Add it to the keychain. car key? Add it to the keychain. Key of the third drawer inside the kitchen cabinet? You guessed it! ADD IT TO THE NEVER ENDING, RATTLING, ANNOYING KEYCHAIN!

4. The fanela under the shirt


There is nothing more Arab than a man with a thick mustache wearing an almost see-through shirt and a white fanela underneath it… The fashion statement will be complete with that keychain!

5. Hair gel for days


Dear some Arab men: What if I told you that you don’t have to use the entire hair gel tube at once?

6. Half buttoned shirts and pointy shoes


In 2001, this was the fashion statement some men used to complete their transition from teenagers to men! The look would have been even cooler if some chest hair was sticking out of the shirt.

7. Immaculately trimmed beard


For some Arab men, a well defined beard is the new six pack! And don’t even try to touch that beard… or that gelled hair… not if you want your fingers back!