Two years ago, when I first thought of moving back to Lebanon, all I could feel was an unsettling sense of anxiety that was eventually overpowered by a relentless sense of hope.

Given the situation in the country that I've always longed to call [my permanent] home, I completely understood the diverse reactions of everyone around me when I shared the news.

Shocked, concerned, confused, dismissive and sometimes quite hilarious, reactions varied but always lead to questions.

And here are a few of them :

1. Why?

First, this question might come with a slightly dismissive tone because not many will be willing to take your decision seriously.  

Some will even note that there is nothing for you to go back to, before politely pretending to take interest in your answer.

2. Seriously?

Once reality sets in though, things take a different turn and the tone quickly transforms into desperate confusion/borderline outrage.  

Some will loudly protest with a 'Shou ray7a ta3mle?' or a 'Shoo fi honeek?'

3. 3andik Canadian? Tab American?

Say no and enjoy the utter confusion you've just created.

Because if you're moving to Lebanon people will always assume you have an 'exit plan' in hand, also known as a foreign passport for when things take a wrong turn.

4. For life?

You want to live in the transit spot for life? 

Eh good luck.  

5. Is it safe?

Drama/panic mode ahead.

But honestly, relax, you're going to be fine.  

6. Tayeb how are you going to find a job?

Tough one, I know.

But you'll figure things out and learn to survive day to day.  

7. Isn't the internet connection slow there?

OK, not going to lie, this one really hurts.

However, there's no place like home. Thick and thin.