Pregnancy, building a family and becoming a parent has to be a great feeling. But when you already cannot stand anything or anyone in front of you, the last thing you will be asking for are the assumptions and pieces of advice that every Tom Dick and Harry wants to throw at you.

Although some might seem entertaining, this is a list of pregnancy myths that just need to die ASAP!

1. Bring on the Gaviscon


That feeling of heartburn towards your last trimester of pregnancy has nothing to do with hormones or the fact that there is a fully-grown baby growing inside of you. That heartburn mama is the clearest indication that your child will come out to be a hairy monster! That annoying feeling is simply the baby’s hair irritating the tip of your stomach ...

2. Acne


Feeling like you are a teenager all over again? The annoying acne and dry skin you are experiencing is because you are pregnant with a girl!

3. Birth marks


For all the women out there, try as much as you can to only crave beautiful things during your pregnancy. Raging hormones? Control that as much as you can because the one thing you will crave the most will be stamped on your baby as a birth mark when they are born!

Think of it as a possible tattoo. Be strategic because that is going to be stamped for life.

4. Carrying low or high


Who needs an ultrasound to detect the sex of the baby? If you are carrying low it is a boy, if you are carrying high it is a girl.

But what if you are carrying right in the middle? (Silence …)

5. Let's go for a swim


Now, listen well. If you decide to do some exercising during your pregnancy, avoid any contact with a pool. Believe it or not, swimming while pregnant could drown the baby.

6. Stormy weather


Please plan your pregnancy to be around seasons and locations where there are no storms. If there happens to be a thunderstorm outside you WILL go into labor.

Have you not been updated on the scientific research that proves weather plays a role in your delivery date?

7. Keep those hands down


Lifting up your hands during pregnancy can cause some serious damage to the baby because the umbilical cord can wrap around the baby’s neck if you lift too high.

Need to brush your hair? Ask someone to do it for you ... you wouldn't want to risk a choking hazard.