With a 23 kg weight limit and a bag that already weighs 4 kg (keeping in mind that is what feather light is), packing for a vacation is a major pain to say the least.

After hours of traveling and roaming through airports the last thing you want is to arrive to your final destination with a bag filled with shampoo that has exploded, wrinkled tops and basically a mess of a bag.

To make life just a little bit easier, there are a number of packing hacks you can adopt that might make you feel like less of a mess! Here are 7 you should definitely start using:

1. Keep heavy things at the bottom


Place shoes at the bottom distributed equally in closest proximity to the wheels. This saves you space and is easier to roll around.

2. Stuff your hats


A squashed hat is not appealing. Stuff it with a couple of cloth bags to keep it as solid as possible.

3. Roll don’t fold


There is no such thing as a wrinkle free garment, but less wrinkles does not sound too bad. Contrary to popular belief, rolling your clothes instead of folding them will actually lessen the damage and will save you some needed space.

4. Pack outfits


Never ever assume that you will figure out your look once you have reached your vacation spot! Wasting time and regretting forgotten items can be easily avoided if you simply just pack preplanned outfits from head to toe!

5. Stuff those socks


Make use of your socks by placing your perfume bottles inside as to avoid them breaking and stinking up your bag.

6. Go for four wheels

FVViC9ENTUWa9zOvBw7a_Lazy Suitcase

Four-wheeled suitcases were invented for a reason! Investing in one will save you the hassle of a cramped back and semi detached arms.

7. Ziploc Bags


Explosive shampoo and toothpaste are never fun to clean up! Put all toiletries in a tightly sealed ziploc bag.