Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, crown prince of Dubai, is a man of many talents. One of his most notable ones is writing poetry. In his poems, which he mostly writes in the ancient "Nabati" style, "Fazza," as he is lovingly nicknamed, talks about many themes such as chivalry, wisdom, patriotism and of course, love.

From Fazza’s many inspiring poems, we chose 7 of the most beautiful verses ...

1. The Inspiring Muse | ملهم القصيدة

صاحبٍ يبخل عليك بلمسة ايده وانت تحسب لجل لقياه الثواني

How your love denies you a simple touch of the hand...

while you chase the night away counting the seconds till your next embrace


2. The Sage wisdom | حكمة الشامخ

بْـودّي آقول أي ارضٍ تسير بْها تَنْبـت زَهَـر كِنّها تِـزْرَع أيـاديها

أفكـاره العَالـميّـه يـوم يَـنْدِبـها لابُد تَفْرش عَلى الغيْمَه جَنَاحيها

Wherever you tread, your footsteps bud into great actions

And whatever ideas you say… they take to the sky and spread their wings


3. Just a tiny thought | فكر شوي

غـلاك يـجذبنـي بـكـل الطـرايــق وصلك عسل ما خالطه أي سكّـر

Oh how your charm attracts me in ways unimaginable…

and your love is as sweet and pure as the honey that doesn’t need any sugar


4. Brother | كلمة أخي

لـو الـحـزن يـقـدر يـردّه مـا ذخـر جـفـنـي بـكـاه حزنت لين الشمس تصبـح في عـيـونـي مظـلـمـه

If tears promised to bring you back...

Oh brother I wouldn’t have spared them until the sun turned grey


5. The other side of life | وجه الحياة الثاني

لِيْه نْتِزَاحَم و أَرض الله تَاسَعْنا لَيه نْتِخَاصَم مَدَام انّ العُمر فَاني

Why fight and crowd each other on a land so big …

and why waste our days bickering when life is too short


6. The land of dreams | مهبط الأحلام

بـاب بيـت الكـريـم .. تـدلّـه الآنـام فاتـحـنّـه ، ولا ينصـك مـزلاجــه

وباب بيـت البخـيل تـضيّـعه الارحـام دون بابـه يـرد الـســـائـل سـيـاجه

A generous house is known by its open doors and bustling noise

A miserly house is with a mighty fence, deters even relatives from approaching


7. The phases of Life | مراحل العمر

واعـــرف مقــــدار غيري قبــل مقداري واخطــاء نفسي على غيري مــا اعلقها

To honor others is to honor yourself first

And the burden of my mistakes, I never lay on other people’s shoulders