While some well-known coffee shops and brands spread their franchises like wildfire, unique and truly local establishments are often overlooked.

Jordan's capital city Amman has a couple of very special cafés located all over town and are definitely worth a visit. 

Whether they stand out for their great location, vibe, coffee, or crowd, here 7 local Jordanian cafés you should definitely know about:

1. Rumi Café

Located in Jabal Weibdeh, Rumi Café is a laid-back place with its own philosophy on books, food, and the perfectly brewed coffee.

2. Almond Coffee House

Almond Coffee House's contemporary and minimal interior is sure to set your mind at ease. With a delicate focus on sweets and bakes, this coffee shop offers a variety of set menus at all times.

3. Caffé Strada

Known for their Italian coffee and unlimited tea selection, Caffè Strada is one of Amman's coziest places to catch up with friends. 

Other than having a smoke-free indoor area to enjoy your drink, it also has a blog with tips on types of coffee and tea for enthusiasts who like to experiment.

4. Kava Espresso and Brewing Bar

Kava Espresso & Brew Bar doesn't have to be the most spacious coffee house to offer its customers the best brew quality in the world. 

With beans from Ethiopia and beyond, a design to please the eye, and an outdoor mini terrace, the place makes for the perfect quiet Sunday morning.

5. Bun Fellows

This cafés' unique African style, vibes, and amazing coffee will definitely satisfy your cravings.

6. Roasters Coffee Jo

Located in the new area of Amman's Mecca Street, this café offers a warm, welcoming place and a great atmosphere to enjoy your cup of coffee in.

7. Fernando Coffee Room

This establishment is located in the area of Dabouq, a 20-minute drive from Amman, and is known for its distinctive, funky coffee drinks and flavors. 

If you're craving a popcorn frappe or something Lotus/Oreo-flavored, this is the perfect place for you.