There's no doubt that TV ads in Lebanon have improved majorly during the last couple of years. However, there are still some ads that are just flat out cringeworthy, especially by today's standards where every aspect of an ad is important.

Here are some ads that should have been banned:

1. Snickers – You're not yourself when you're hungry

I have only one question: Who the hell even likes Snickers?

2. Buzz – Denise

Can you imagine her future husband putting up with that voice?

3. XXL Vodka Green – Gym

I can't tell who's worse, the woman working out or the wozzi guy on the treadmill. Get this off the air so we can all stop cringing!

4. XXL Energy Drink

5. Cheyef Helak – Celebrate the Lebanese way

What was the point of this? To emphasize how careless the Lebanese people are about their own safety and the safety of others?

6. Buzz – Khalas

Someone ban Fouad Yammine from singing. I like the guy but seriously? Also, stop playing this!

7. Zeezee M – Shou bheb akel el moz

Impact BBDO and MTV failed to make their point with this song. First of all, this was supposedly a publicity stunt organized by MTV, Sa'afetna and Impact BBDO to encourage people to bring back our true "culture" and stop watching music videos like this one. Kind of ironic coming from MTV, no?