We can thank the Khaleej for giving us lots of things. We can thank the region for the swanky malls and for giving many of us and our families a stable life amid war and corruption embroiled region. We can also thank the place for giving us music that makes us oscillate between extreme nostalgia, euphoria and just plain-old wanting to break it down on the dance floor.

1. Abdul Majid Abdallah – Raheeb

This song gives us too many feels.

2. Aline Khalaf – Wayed Wayed

We all tried to learn the choreography

3. Talal Salamah – Radinak

4. Ruwaida Al Mahrouqi – Hataitak Fe Bali

5.  Hussein Al Jasmi – Al Shaki

This instant smash hit was only the beginning of what was to come.

6. Guitara – Ya Ghaly

The woman's haircut and hair color generated a lot of buzz due to the fact that it was extremely short and blonde.

7. Rashed al Majed – Mashkalni

Rached Al Majed stirred so much controversy with this video due to the fact that it showed a group of young boys and girls dancing together, shaking their hips,  wearing tight jeans and dancing in a way that many viewed as provocative. Still, it's not unusual to see people pulling those very moves on a wedding dance floor.