The job market has changed so much in the last decade, not everyone aspires to be a doctor or engineer anymore. If only Arab parents realized that.

Here's 7 awesome jobs that parents just don't understand:

1. Social media manager

2aslan shu bya3mil hayda Mark?

An instant assumption that you play around on Facebook all day.

2. Painter

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Teta, Jiddo, is that you?

A total no-no. Unless you have culminated Picasso's fame, this job is certainly the perfect candidate for the infamous "ma bita3me kh5obiz" (also works with 'photographer'.)

3. Brand manager:

How your parents are thinking you manage a brand, at best

Because managing a brand definitely means you're a cashier and nothing else.

4. Psychiatrist:


It seems the psychology/psychiatry field instigates a fear in Arab families that their child will be taken away into the world of their patients, and end up in Asfouriyeh. You will definitely hear the ironic "bala habal."

5. Graphic designer/film director/dancer/singer (and any other "fun" artist)



6. Client engagement executive


"We did not invest in your education so you can answer phone calls all day long."

7. Software engineer

This is just the first quarter of my new code, Mom

"yo2borne mhandes..."